Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Bacon Fraize

These English bacon pancakes are a real breakfast treat for any bacon lover.

6 bacon slices 
2/3 cup flour..
1 egg, lightly beaten
1/2 cup plus 2 tbsp milk
pinch of salt

Cut the bacon into small pieces. Using a small frying pan, fry the bacon pieces until lightly browned and crisp. With a slotted spoon transfer the bacon into a small bowl and set aside.  Wipe the bacon drippings from the pan.
Make the batter by mixing the flour, salt, egg and milk. Sprinkle 1/4 of the bacon pieces back into the frying pan, pour 1/4 of the batter on top the bacon. Flip when bubbles appear on the surface of the pancake and cook until light brown on both sides. Serve hot.


  1. Popping over from Foodbuzz to say hello. I LOVE bacon, in the way some people love chocolate... I never thought to put it in a pancake before though. What a great idea! They look delicious.

  2. Hi, Jen. Thank you for your comment. If you like bacon, you definitely should try this recipe.

  3. I love putting syrup on mt bacon so I'm not sure why it never occurred to me to just put the bacon in my pancakes. I'll have to try this the next time I make pancakes.

  4. Hello, Kenni. I'm glad this post inspires you to try new things with bacon and pancakes.

  5. This looks sooo good! I bet it's even better slathered in maple syrup.

  6. Oh dear... what a great idea! I love it, but my waistline hates it. I win :)

  7. My teenage son will absolutely love these! I often cook my pancakes in some of the bacon grease, but never thought to actually add some bacon. I am going to be so popular tomorrow morning! :)

  8. Great post and fantastic photos... I agree with Kristine... fantastic slathered in maple syrup!